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These are our 5 favourite ramen restaurants in Coquitlam

Slurping away the rainy day blues, one noodle at a time

There are so many things to love about a bowl of ramen: long, squishy noodles, succulent toppings like sliced pork and, of course, the broth; the rich and complex base (in other words, liquid gold) that sits at the front line of any good soup.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best places to find ramen in the Tri-Cities, the ultimate noodle-broth-topping trifecta if you will, making it that much easier to chase those rainy day blues away one noodle at a time.

Though Coquitlam has no shortage of impressive ramen restaurants, Maruhachi Ra-men is the only one that specializes in tori-paitan—a luscious, creamy chicken broth that is the base for all of their noodles, rendering a more decadent, milky result. As if a bowl of ramen couldn’t get more cozy!

Address: 1190 Pinetree Way #108, Coquitlam

Located inside Henderson Place Mall, Sho Bu Japanese Noodle should be a mandatory stop during your next shopping spree. They offer both a “ramen” and “special ramen” list, with options ranging from plain (noodles in a tonkotsu broth) to karashi, fukuoka and tokyo curry style ramen. Choose your own adventure here—all dishes are unique in their own way, giving you an entirely different experience each time you visit.

Address: 1163 Pinetree Way #1007, Coquitlam

Launching in Tokyo, Japan in 2013, Kokoro has since gained a loyal following for their mazesoba (a soup-less ramen with mixed toppings), the chain quickly expanding in Japan and eventually making its way to Vancouver. You can find multiple, irresistible variations of mazesoba as well as tantan and tonkotsu ramen (for those who simply can’t get enough of that delicious, silky broth).

Address: 531 North Rd #109, Coquitlam

Lauded for the quality of their food and affordable prices, Honjin Ramen is a great spot for tonkotsu ramen (AKA the king of all ramen, with a rich pork broth base that takes hours to prepare) and chashu (Japanese braised pork belly). You can find many other variations of ramen here too, like creamy miso and paitan, as well as a long list of delicious sides.

Address: 228 Schoolhouse St, Coquitlam

Can’t decide whether you’re craving Korean or Japanese food? Enter Smoking Pig, a ramen restaurant that offers a Korean twist in all of their noodle bowls. Items like perilla ramen and spicy cheese ramen are particularly unique here, as well as their signature smoked pork stew and fried chicken.

Address: 1043 Brunette Ave, Coquitlam