Top 10 sushi restaurants in the Tri-Cities

All of which keep us rolling in for more.

Crafting a really good sushi roll is an art form.

Many aspiring chefs will spend at least a few years in Japan learning from the masters, perfecting their technique and familiarizing themselves with quality seafood to consider themselves true sushi chefs. It’s no simple feat, but a great achievement in the culinary world and beyond.

Though there is no shortage of tasty sushi to be found in the Tri-Cities (and indeed throughout all of B.C., a province well-known for seafood), a really good piece of sashimi or perfectly crafted sushi roll will immediately spark our attention. A single bite can feel like a masterpiece, striking an exceptional balance of flavour and texture that makes up the essence of Japanese cuisine.

Here are some notable sushi restaurants in the Tri-Cities where you can find such gems, making for both the perfect casual lunch or extravagant dinner experience.

Imagine a sushi roll, but in taco form. That’s right—you can get sushi tacos at this charming Japanese restaurant in Port Coquitlam, available in all traditional roll flavours like california, dynamite and spicy tuna. Sufficed to say, their sashimi and sushi rolls are delicious in and of themselves, whether you savour a piece of bluefin tuna or indulge in one of their special rolls.

Address: 2883 Shaughnessy St, Port Coquitlam

If you’re looking for an authentic omakase experience, look no further than Sushi K Kamizato. There’s no set menu, as the chef creates a new one every day to cater to a truly unique and individual experience (and for that reason, you have to call in advance to make a reservation). Oh, and you won’t find sushi rolls or hot plates here either, just raw fish and cold appetizers, but the quality (and overall experience) undoubtedly speaks for itself.

Address: 2850 Shaughnessy St, Port Coquitlam

This Port Moody sushi restaurant has a stunning list of classic and special rolls, with options ranging from spicy crunchy salmon to a dark night roll topped with seafood and melty mozzarella. They’ve got a lot of options for hot dishes as well, such as hotpot, katsu, and a selection of udon and yaki soba noodle dishes.

Address: 3017 St Johns St, Port Moody

Sushi-Fu has a stunning selection of sushi to choose from: nigiri, sashimi, seared sushi, oshi, as well as classic, vegetarian, golden (aka deep fried) and special rolls. They also offer great deals for bento boxes, which each come with a roll, tempura, teriyaki, and a side salad. Whether you’re popping in for a quick lunch or strapping down for a late night dinner, they’re the perfect spot for both.

Address: 2640 Shaughnessy St, Port Coquitlam

This casual Japanese restaurant in Port Coquitlam has developed a cult following ever since it opened, lauded for the excellent quality of their dishes and overall dining experience. We’d highly recommend their sashimi platters to start, then moving on to their special rolls for the ultimate flavour bomb. Expect fillings like lemon prawn, grilled asparagus, and pineapple—fun and unique flavour profiles you don’t usually experience in the average roll.

Address: 863 Village Dr #160, Port Coquitlam

Sushi Koo offers one of the most extensive sushi menus in the Tri-Cities, with ample options for sashimi, aburi sushi, and oshi sushi (not to mention the options available for vegetarians!) as well as hot dishes like yakisoba noodles and fried rice. Not sure what to get? Try one of their lunch or dinner boxes, which provides samples of some of their best dishes.

Address: 2970 Glen Dr #100, Coquitlam

This bright sushi restaurant in Port Moody offers a beautiful ambience inside, surrounded by windows and decked out with bamboo for a laid-back yet classy feel. The food is no less striking, both in appearance and taste, with a colourful array of sushi platters and hot meals to choose from. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, their veggie rolls are just as delicious and colourful as their fish counterparts.

Address: 221 Ioco Rd #100, Port Moody

Sushi Mi is a casual, understated sushi restaurant in Port Coquitlam spinning out some incredibly decadent rolls. Expect to see flavour combinations you’ve never seen before, such as the heart attack roll which comes with spicy tuna, deep fried garlic, and Mexican soy (all deep fried of course, to live up to its name) and an oven baked snow red roll with smoked salmon, crab, and yam flakes.

Address: 2850 Oxford St #2, Port Coquitlam

Mori means forest in Japanese, and that’s exactly what you can expect walking into Sushi Mori: a forest of cherry blossoms hanging above your head as you dine. The interior of this sushi restaurant is gorgeous, making for a great date with a significant other, not to mention their food—expect an abundance of sushi options, noodles, tempura and hot pot. It’s as delicious as it is beautiful.

Address: 2565 Barnet Hwy #13, Coquitlam

This tucked away sushi restaurant in Port Coquitlam’s Clock Tower Centre offers a wide variety of Japanese meals like ramen and donburi, but their sushi and sashimi platters definitely take the cake. Their chopped scallop nigiri is a must-try, as well as any of their maki sushi rolls—perfect in their simplicity.

Address: 1125 Nicola Ave, Port Coquitlam