Foodie Feature: Zahra Tejpar (@eatwithzahra)

The Tri-Cities are full of great places to eat, so it’s no surprise that there are a whole bunch of folks who are highlighting the local food and drink scene.

In our Foodie Feature series, we are putting the spotlight on Instagram influencers, restaurant owners, food bloggers, and more so that our subscribers can get an intimate, in-depth look at the best that Tri-Cities cuisine has to offer.

This week’s featured foodie: Zahra Tejpar AKA @eatwithzahra.

What kind of content do you focus on? A lot of the content I focus on is showcasing food from all the different restaurants and hidden gems (of various cuisines) we have in the Lower Mainland that are not chain restaurants. I like trying something different.

What inspired you to get started? Food has always been a large part of my life—I grew up in Kenya with a lot of food of flavour, and art that came with it—many Sundays in my family included outings to some of our favourite or new restaurants for dinner; so living in Vancouver now with a diverse amount of cuisines, I just couldn’t say no to content creating.


What has come as a surprise for you about what you do? My love for food (and blogging) has been consistent in the time that I've been going through with it. A lot may have changed in my personal life but this is something that has and always stays consistent.

What would you like to do more of? A lot of my time has been spent focusing on content creation on Instagram. I do also get some reviews in on Yelp or Google Reviews; however, I am hoping I can start a food blog website in the near future as well.


How has your community influenced your content? The foodie community is always evolving in Metro Vancouver and across North America. Being able to connect with so many foodies and content creators has been amazing as we are all often supportive of each other. Seeing a lot of what others do and where they go often adds to my list of go-tos. Often seeing reviews (be it on social media, Yelp, or Google reviews) is a big help as well for me.

Anything else you'd like to add? Food and restaurants in the Tri-Cities are slowly coming up more now, which is so wonderful to see. Some of my favourite places in the area are Bar + Restaurant Nello's, Namoo Sushi, and Tahn Door Eatery for restaurants. I also absolutely love going to Doughnut Love, Vashti Rose Ice Cream, and Caffe Delish for desserts.

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