5 best poutines in the Tri-Cities

Potatoes, cheese, and gravy—shall we keep going?

With colder weather slowly creeping up on us, name a meal more comforting and soul-restoring than poutine. That’s right, the heavenly combination of fries, cheese curds, and hot gravy—a food so delicious and so iconically Canadian—is exactly what we’ll be reaching for.

It doesn’t stop there either. While poutine is perfect on its own, it’s also a great base for other heavenly ingredients like pulled pork, fried chicken, or shawarma meat, continuously adding on to its delightfully filling and decadent composition. Poutine, we love you.

Here are five of the best poutines you can find in the Tri-Cities:

Loved for its 59-cent wing specials and endless selection of draft beers, Woody’s has long been a beloved neighbourhood pub in Coquitlam. Its poutines—from original to Cajun tater tot with bacon and green onions—must not be overlooked.

Address: 935 Brunette Ave., Coquitlam

Another longstanding pub in Coquitlam, Golden Parrots is a no-brainer for those seeking late night bar food, never ending drafts of beer, and craft cocktails. The classic poutine is delicious and can easily be upgraded to include pulled pork, chicken, bacon, or even sliced up beef patty (don’t knock it until you try it).

Address: 170 Golden Dr., Coquitlam

This takeout burger chain is a sweet spot for gourmet fast food choices, offering burgers with jalapeno poppers, lamb patties, and “extreme flavour shots” to make the most out of your sandwich. The poutines, though seemingly simple in comparison, make a lovely pairing—try a 50/50 combination of regular and sweet potato fries as a base!

Address: 254 Newport Dr., Port Moody

What better accompaniment to shawarma than fries? What about a poutine? What about combining the two for the ultimate match made in heaven and ordering a shawarma meat poutine? If you’ve never done it, try it and you’ll never go back. (Tip: add donair sauce on the side for an extra pop of creaminess and flavour.)

Address: 3242 Westwood St. Suite 101, Port Coquitlam

A highly praised burger chain by celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Ryan Reynolds, Fatburger is a classic stop for quality burgers that are always cooked fresh. Its poutine options are no less striking—items like the lumberjack with maple syrup and green onions and curly fry poutine look incredible.

Address: 1090 Lougheed Hwy. #114, Coquitlam