7 cozy cafes in the Tri-Cities

That aren't Starbucks or JJ Bean.

A local coffee shop is like a second home.

You walk in half asleep in the morning for your daily brew, joined perhaps with a satisfying crumb cake or scone; it’s a moment you get all to yourself before a long and busy day ahead. The barista is already pouring your order before you come up to the counter (they know exactly how you like your coffee) and you know it’s going to be perfect. It’s perfect every time.

Visiting your favourite cafe is, in many cases, similar to entering your own kitchen. It’s cozy, it’s full of delicious smells, but most importantly, it’s personal. It has its own distinct character (maybe it’s decked out with soft, colourful couches or has grungy art on the walls) that separates it from any other cafe. If you come often, you’ll recognize some of the workers and fellow regulars who, in time, can become something of a second family.

Here are a few cozy cafes in the Tri-Cities serving up delicious coffee and treats, making you feel warm inside and out.

This wholesome cafe in Coquitlam is well known for its community and warm atmosphere, serving all day breakfast and a large selection of snacks, desserts, frothy smoothies and milkshakes. They also host board game nights (Monopoly, anyone?), which can make for a really fun and nostalgic time out with friends.

Address: 108-2957 Glen Dr, Coquitlam

One of the first things you’ll notice when you enter Creekside Coffee Factory is a big beige teddy bear sitting on the sofa, just waiting to be hugged. This adorable coffee shop is a great place to visit for organic coffee, baked goods and sandwiches, and of course, great company—a local favourite for good food and service.

Address: 2773 Barnet Hwy #19, Coquitlam

KAFFI Espresso Bar’s motto is “We brew for coffee lovers and convert those who are not.” Their main priority is undoubtedly their coffee, and while they do serve other beverages, their simple espresso and americano are outstanding. The entire cafe is decked out in cool, neutral tones, giving off a chill vibe as soon as you walk in.

Address: 2624B St Johns St, Port Moody

If you’re going to pay Beanery Coffeehouse & Eatery a visit, make sure you come with an appetite. Their list of gourmet sandwiches and thin crust, Neapolitan-style pizzas are to die for, with plenty of tasty vegetarian options like portobello melt and spicy paneer pizza. They have a lot of delicious drinks options too, like coconut chai and lattes with heavy cream and microfoam.

Address: 2591 Panorama Dr #101, Coquitlam

Brought to you by the makers of the beloved Tri-Cities pie shop Gabi and Jules, Caffe Divano is a cozy cafe with an extensive selection of sandwiches and baked treats to choose from. We’d highly recommend their focaccia sandwiches—each one is stacked with layers of cheese and mortadella, paired perfectly with the spongy, herb-filled focaccia as the flavour vessel.

Address: 101 Klahanie Dr, Port Moody

This dark, exposed brick coffee shop is a staple in Port Moody. Sitting right at the edge of Rocky Point Park, it’s a great place to visit post-hike—their thick sandwiches will immediately catch your attention, as well as their loaf cakes and muffins. Bonus: they’re really dog friendly, be sure to come with your pup for an extra treat!

Address: 2500 St Johns St, Port Moody

C Market Cafe is a coffee shop, music venue, pop-up market, and coffee classroom all in one, offering a variety of fun events to join in on any day of the week. Be sure to stop by if you love good quality latte art, as they specialize in the craft. You can even sign up for one of their latte art classes to put your own skills to the test!

Address: 820 Village Dr #110, Port Coquitlam