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  • The Coffee Bun Bakery & Cafe has some of the best buns in the city

The Coffee Bun Bakery & Cafe has some of the best buns in the city

If you’re looking for a new go-to spot for your coffee cravings, delicious desserts, and some of the best buns you’ve ever had, have we got a spot for you.

The Coffee Bun Bakery & Cafe in Coquitlam’s Henderson Place Mall makes a truly delectable bun, and what’s more is that it offers an entire menu full of different options. From a classic bun (original, cream cheese, chocolate, red bean, milk, Nutella, coconut, cranberry) to a tea bun (green tea, earl grey, garlic herb, cinnamon) to the absolutely melt-in-your-mouth cream buns (custard, tiramisu, Oreo, crème brulee, blueberry cream cheese) there truly is something for everyone here.

Add in the fact that the 100% organic espresso beverages are equally as delectable and you may just have to say goodbye to those morning visits to ol’ Tim Hortons or the local Starbucks.

The one hiccup is that the cafe doesn’t actually open until 9am on weekdays, so you might have to make it more of a brunch break visit kind of thing if you happen to be lucky enough to work nearby.

We tried out two drinks when we visited; the oat milk iced latte and an iced tea, and both drinks were as tasty as they were thirst-quenching—and they paired perfectly with the green tea bun we tried, which was incredibly soft and fluffy on the inside.

But the fun doesn’t stop at the coffee buns; the cafe also offers a variety of sandwiches (for an incredibly reasonable 8ish dollars), a potato salad bun, and desserts that include ice cream, macaron, croissants, cookies, and an entire list of ice cream buns.

To say that this is a must-try spot the next time you’re looking to get yourself a little treat would be the understatement of the century.