C-Market Coffee is an absolutely stunning spot

Those high ceilings are GORGEOUS

This might just be Port Coquitlam’s best café.

C-Market in PoCo’s Fremont Village is one of the newer editions to the rapidly expanding area, and while you might be tempted to forgo the coffee in favour of a brewery beer or a Provincial Cocktail just a few doors down, we’d recommend at least checking out the sprawling spot.

C-Market is tucked away just off the highway, but if you follow the signs and head a little past the rock climbing gym (because, yes, PoCo has a rock climbing gym) you’ll be greeted by the huge ceilings, steaming coffee, and gorgeous décor of C-Market.

We went by on a Saturday morning and managed to snag a seat, a caramel macchiato, and a lemon loaf—all of which exceeded expectations.

Space is one of C-Market’s specialties, and it was refreshing to sit back and relax at a cafe where you’re not crammed shoulder to shoulder with other patrons. Another highlight of having so much space to work with (other than the massive amounts of sunlight shining in through those upper windows) is that C-Market has the room to play host to live music events, most notably its live music nights every Thursday.

The events are free to attend (though we suggest grabbing a decaf coffee or maybe even a cocktail) and run from 5 to 8pm.