7 highly rated bubble tea cafes in the Tri-Cities

Milk teas, brown sugar tapioca pearls and beyond.

There’s likely no other type of drink out there as ambiguous as bubble tea.

Is it a drink, or a dessert? Is it tea, or an entirely different beverage in and of itself? To add tapioca pearls, ditch tapioca pearls, or choose an entirely different topping altogether? There are so many questions to consider, but one thing is undoubtedly clear: There’s no other type of drink out there that is as fun—and customizable—as bubble tea.

Here are some of the most highly-rated bubble tea shops in the Tri-Cities, serving everything from traditional black milk tea to more avant garde flavour combinations for the bold and adventurous.

This small bubble tea shop in Coquitlam strives for quality in every drink they make, each order crafted and garnished to perfection. Popular items include their brown sugar pearl tiramisu latte and strawberry latte with sago (an edible starch similar to tapioca) Special note: all of their toppings are made in-house!

Address: 1180 Pinetree Way #1, Coquitlam

Located just a few minutes away from Moody Centre Station, Lazy Den specializes in making brown sugar “tiger” milk tea, a perfect cross between drink and dessert. Though it has no caffeine, it’s a delightfully sweet pick-me-up that’ll immediately satisfy an afternoon sugar craving. They also offer a variety of fresh fruit teas, slushies and frozen milk teas like taro and pina colada.

Address: 3003 St Johns St, Port Moody

Opening their doors in 2002 in Coquitlam’s Sunwood Square, Pearl Fever Tea House has since opened several locations near the Tri-Cities and Mainland Vancouver with the aim to “cure” bubble tea cravings. With options like matcha-oreo ice cream slush and hazelnut milk tea, all those cravings will be cured instantly, no doubt.

Address: 228 Schoolhouse St, Coquitlam

This bubble tea cafe in Port Coquitlam combines modern flavours with traditional cooking methods, spinning out drinks such as bubblegum milk tea and coffee crisp milkshakes. They also have an extensive food menu with both sweet and savoury items to choose from—the deep fried bao buns topped with ice cream look delicious.

Address: 3266A Coast Meridian Rd, Port Coquitlam

Go Bubbletea is the number one spot to visit in Coquitlam if you’re a fan of cheese foam bubble tea (or, for that matter, if you’ve never had it before!) They have a great collection of cheese foam teas alone, from cheese sakura green tea to frothy cheese mango, as well as more traditional milky and fruity teas like roasted milk and matcha.

Address: 2755 Lougheed Hwy #21, Coquitlam

Gong Cha has one of the most extensive menus as far as bubble tea shops go—milk teas, fruit teas, brown sugar drinks, smoothies and yogurt-based drinks, just to name a few of their categories—with a separate menu for bubble waffles as well (score!) You’re guaranteed to find familiar favourites and new discoveries alike.

Address: 290-1175 Johnson St, Coquitlam

Bubble tea and poké, together in one place? Sounds like a match made in heaven. Ninja Bubble Tea x Poké does both, allowing you to customize both your drink and poké bowl to your liking. This is the perfect place to visit if you’re on the hunt for plant-based bubbletea, as you can choose between dairy milk, almond and soy for the base of your drink!

Address: 2972 Glen Dr, Coquitlam