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Bubble tea and poke make for the perfect summertime snack

There aren’t too many options when it comes to filling and delicious cold meals.

Sure, you’ve got salads, but there’s only so much lettuce that one can eat before feeling like they’ve turned into a bunny rabbit. Sandwiches are always an option, but anyone who has stood in front of a Subway sandwich artist knows that the optimal choice is toasted, which kind of defeats the whole purpose.

When the day’s a scorcher and you’re looking to both cool down and fill up, we think poke is the perfect choice.

Which is why we recently found ourselves over at Ninja Bubble Tea, which offers up both gorgeous poke bowls as well as some refreshingly fresh bubble tea drinks—making for the ideal summertime meal.

The custom poke bowl we tried out included cucumber, avocado, tuna, spinach, tomatoes, and all sorts of other toppings. Sure, you could argue that a poke bowl is just a salad with some raw fish thrown in, but we dare you to down a whole bowl of poke and pretend that you aren’t so full you couldn’t have another bite—which isn’t often the case when it comes to most bowls of greenery.

We had our dish with a thirst-quenching iced tea, and Ninja Bubble Tea actually has a deal going on where you can get 50% off your drink with the purchase of a poke bowl.

Address: 2972 Glen Drive, Coquitlam

Hours: 11am-10pm Sunday to Thursday, 11am-11pm Friday and Saturday