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Where to find the best Korean fried chicken in the Tri-Cities

It's the holy trinity of flavours and textures: crispy, juicy, and saucy.

Those who have experienced the supreme textures and flavours of Korean fried chicken know that it’s a glorious thing to behold.

There’s something about the flavours—salty, sweet, typically accompanied by a good dose of gochujang—that we can’t get enough of, making us seek out the best Korean fried chicken in the Tri-Cities.

Here are a few places where you can find this crispy, saucy gem, best served as an anju or a meal to be enjoyed with drinks. Soju, light beer or a combination of both (mixing soju and beer together in a pint glass with a chopstick to create a soju bomb) are highly recommended here.

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This modern Korean restaurant specializes in its hotplates, a glorious spread of grilled meat, seafood and/or rice cakes that are served in a large, cafeteria-like platter with sections that contain pools of corn, melted cheese and other sauces for dipping. It doesn’t end there though; they have platters of spicy fried chicken served with fries, rice cakes, cheese sticks and (for those who keep bugging their server for an extra dipping sauce) a whole army of dipping sauces to go through.

Address: 1046 Austin Ave C, Coquitlam

Though Vesta Grill takes pride in serving the best pork trotter in Coquitlam—with a long list of homey meals like cold buckwheat noodles, fish cake soup and tteokbokki—their fried chicken menu is stellar as well. From plain to fried, and smothered in sweet chili sauce and cheese, there are so many different options to choose from.

Address: 3025 Anson Ave #104, Coquitlam

This funky, loft-like venue is the perfect restaurant to visit with friends on a late night out, with one of the most extensive menus in terms of Korean fare. Find multiple varieties of ttkeokbokki (from seafood to extra cheesy) katsu, noodles, hotpot and of course, fried chicken with all the options for sauce. Have the chicken as a main or, better yet, order it as an appetizer with shots of soju to start the night off.

Address: 1190 Pinetree Way #112, Coquitlam

Also known as the “Dae-ji cutlet house”, this restaurant specializes in Korean fusion-style cutlets and other comfort foods like omelet fried rice, pork hock and cheesy corn. Their fried chicken list has both bone-in and boneless options with varying degrees of sauciness and spice, as well as a few “old style” chicken options that skip the batter (but are no less succulent and juicy on the inside)

Address: 128-1153 The High St, Coquitlam

Entering bb.q Chicken is kind of like entering fried chicken heaven. Not only will you find a classic, deep red gochujang-laced spicy chicken, coated in cornflakes for the ultimate crunch, you’ll find a wide variety of other Korean sauces like gang-jeong, mala hot and gangnam style (because PSY will never go out of style). With locations all across Canada, it’s no wonder this chain is so beloved by its patrons.

Address: 221 Ioco Rd #350, Port Moody

This fried chicken takeaway spot in Port Coquitlam carries all of our favourite sauce varieties—padak, cheese snow, garlic soy and chili, to name a few—with both boneless and bone-in options. They also have plenty of options for sides, whether you’re looking for something bright and refreshing like pickled radish or something warm and cozy to sink your teeth into, like their tteokbokki or pork dumplings.

Address: 2570 Kingsway Ave, Port Coquitlam