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Where to find the best breakfast sandwiches in the Tri-Cities

A rainbow of handheld delights

Breakfast sandwiches can take many beautiful forms outside of the classic bacon, egg and cheese on an english muffin or biscuit. What about a sandwich stuffed with kimchi and bulgogi or a Mexican torta with eggs, beans, chorizo, and pico de gallo? What if the definition of a breakfast sandwich suddenly became more obscure—say, an avocado toast topped with crisp radishes and pomegranate seeds or a lox bagel smeared with a healthy serving of chive cream cheese?

Without getting into any sandwich debates, we invite you to close your eyes and think of YOUR ideal breakfast sandwich—the most delicious vessel to sink your teeth into and your ideal way to start off the day. Is it in a wrap, or on a brioche bun? Is it stacked with maple-glazed bacon or fully plant-based? Fried eggs, scrambled, or (gasp!) no eggs at all?

Here are some of our favourite spots to get a breakfast sandwich in the Tri-Cities, representing all the colours of the sandwich rainbow.

Whether you’re stopping in for an early breakfast or late brunch, The Hard Bean Brunch Co. has a bunch of handheld options that suit the occasion. Order the silky avocado toast—topped with crisp watermelon radishes, strawberries and pomegranate seeds—for a lighter meal, or go full-out with a caramelized bacon swiss burger or bacon grilled cheese for something more hearty.

Address: 2781 Clarke St., Port Moody

This trendy, modern coffee shop serves a mean brunch with enticing sweet and savoury options. The OG breakfast sandwich is a downright classic with eggs, bacon and cheddar snuggled into a warm brioche bun, while the toasted sesame bagel with raspberry preserves and luscious liege waffles are ideal for anyone craving some sugar.

Address: 3001 St. Johns St., Port Moody

Though this quaint breakfast and lunch cafe specializes in a wide range of delicious meals, the bulgogi beef and kimchi burritos immediately catch our eye—the sweet, savoury and sour notes of kimchi strike a beautiful balance with scrambled eggs, while the richness of bulgogi beef makes regular bacon shy in comparison.

Address: 2120 Austin Ave., Coquitlam

Huevos come in so many different forms at Original’s Mexicano, from classic rancheros to huevos divorciados with an optional topping of avocado or chorizo. The breakfast sandwich however (torta de huevo) is a perfect option for those wanting a classic handheld sandwich—black beans, mozzarella, fried egg and pico de gallo are snuggled into a warm hearty breakfast bun.

Address: 1-2231 Clarke St., Port Moody

Brought to you by the makers of Rocky Point Ice Cream, Canteen & Creamery is a bright and cozy cafe serving sweet and savoury breakfast pastries and classic breakfast sandwiches—eggs, cheddar and maple-soaked sausage (optional) are stacked on a flaky, buttery biscuit. Simple and delicious.

Address: 2916 Murray St., Port Moody

This breakfast, lunch and dinner cafe offers several different takes on breakfast sandwiches, from a hefty egg, turkey, swiss and arugula sandwich stacked on a brioche bun, a savoury breakfast croissant and (your choice of) a multigrain or sourdough avocado toast.

Address: 108-2957 Glen Dr., Coquitlam